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Growing Trade

EAX is a regional commodity exchange striving to catalyse East Africa business potential by supporting farmers and mineral traders improve their global trade competitiveness.
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The exchange primarily for grains

founded on the principles of high quality of grains in the market and transparency in trading transactions

Established to link smallholder farmers

to agricultural and financial markets, secure competitive prices for products and facilitate access to financing opportunities.

Knowing EAX means, you have access to commodities market information in Rwanda and East Africa Community

  • Today's Market Prices

    Sunday 24 October 2021

    White Maize

    Grade 1: 315RWF 5

    Grade 2: 310RWF 5

    Grade 3: 305RWF 5

    Grade 4: 300RWF 5

    Mixed Beans

    Grade 1: 330FRW 20

    Grade 2: 320FRW 20

    Grade 3: 310FRW 20

    Grade 4: 300FRW 20

  • Commodity Market

    A commodity exchange market

    EAX is regional commodity exchange offering commodity trade services in Rwanda and East Africa Community (EAC) common markets (173 million consumers) in key staples food crops such as White Maize (WM), Mixed Beans (MIX-BS) and Soya(SY).

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    EAX trade focuses on agriculture products

    EAX trading operations aims primarily to transform agriculture in East Africa region by creating more bargaining power for smallholders farmes, including access to price information, storage facilities and bank financing based on electronic warehouse receipt system.

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  • EAX Members Benefits

    What benefits do members receive working with EAX?

    Getting a membership at the East Africa Exchange is very beneficial. Other than receiving guarantees on quality & quantity of commodities you trade at the exchange, you will have free access to electronic warehouse receipt system and be able to check your stock movements, access to financing opportunities from EAX partners banks.

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    What are membership rights and obligations?

    Having a membership with EAX means fulfilling certain obligations and entitles a member to certain rights and privileges agreed upon between the two parties while registering at EAX.

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Trading and Warehouse Receipts Financing

Electronic Trading

Our trade is based on electronic warehouse receipt. This is an online record representation of physically stored goods at any EAX certified warehouse.

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Commodities Grading, Cleaning and Drying Services

High standard services of storage facilities such as grading, drying, weighing, fumigation, cleaning, sorting and re-bagging are offered

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We provide collateral management services for grains deposited at our warehouses and silos with guarantees of quality and quantity for the duration the storage.

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Cooperatives and traders we've had the pleasure to work with:

  • Our maize kept its grade 1 quality and was succesfully sold at a very good price from EAX warehouses
    Grains trader in Kigali City
  • We signed a forward contract with EAX to deliver 295MT of grade 2 white maize at Bugesera Silo. We were happy with the quality of services we found at EAX
    Representative of cooperative COPAGA in Kirehe District

Background Image

Bugesera silo site visit

Honored to receive a delegation of Trade Mark East Africa for a visit of our silo in Mayange, Bugesera